How to Use Fullscreen Maps

maps_controls-3.jpgHere are a few tips to help you use fullscreen (or full browser) maps.  This feature is supported on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.  Chrome and Firefox fullscreen mode actually takes up your entire monitor display using the browser's built-in fullscreen mode. Safari and IE fullscreen is slightly different (based on browser implementation), so fullscreen mode here makes the map fullscreen in the browser window.

You can view the fullscreen map on any activity. To launch fullscreen mode, click the fullscreen icon at the top right of the map. The control for switching between terrain, standard and satellite maps has also been updated. Your current map view is displayed on the dropdown. Click the dropdown to choose a different option.

In addition to being able to explore an activity in great detail with the fullscreen map, we've also included the activity's elevation profile, so you can easily interact with the route. Just like when normally viewing an activity, you can click on a segment on the elevation profile to zoom in to that segment on the fullscreen map, then click the "Back to Ride" button at the top right of the elevation profile to return to the full activity. Likewise, if you click and drag on the elevation profile, you can zoom in to any portion of the ride. Clicking the 'Back to Ride' button always takes you back to the full activity view.

To exit fullscreen mode, click the fullscreen map icon at the top right of the map. In Chrome and Firefox, you can also hit the ESC key to exit fullscreen mode.


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