Uploading E-bike, motor-assisted or non-conventional bike data to Strava; Guidelines

Segment Leaderboard Guidelines:

The Segment Leaderboards for cycling are a place for conventional bicycles only, so that the top Segment rankings are not taken by unattainable, motor-assisted times or from fully-faired vehicles(velomobiles).

Uploading data from a car, motorcycle, e-bike, motor-assisted bike, motor-paced ride or any bicycle that includes any non-human propulsion or pedal-assisted force, and categorizing the activity as a "Ride" displaces data uploaded from a human-powered bike, thus conflicting with the fairness and integrity of the Segment Leaderboards.

The Strava User is responsible for the content uploaded to Strava.com, and is also expected to contribute positively to the Strava community.  As stated in our Terms, repeated actions that don't follow these guidelines can result in some action taken by Strava on the offending account.

The Segment Leaderboards are a coveted and defended area on Strava, and we do our best to keep them fair. By providing the Flag feature, Strava allows users to police the accuracy of a Segment Leaderboard. For example, if a user accidentally leaves a GPS device on while driving home in a car and forgets to crop their data after upload, that data can be removed from the Leaderboard rankings when the Flag is created. 

If you choose to upload any non-supported data as outlined above:

  • For E-Bike activities: Use the "E-Bike Ride" sport type. This removes the activity from normal segment leaderboards and puts those efforts on an "E-Bike" only leaderboard. 
  • For all other activities:
    • Mark the activity Private so as to remove all rankings and Segment times from the Leaderboard. 
    • Or, categorize your Activity Type as a "Workout" or other generic type. Each Activity Type has its own specific and separate Segment Leaderboards that will not conflict the "Ride" Leaderboards. You can also change the Activity Type from the Strava App for Android or iPhone.

Flagging non-supported data: 

  • The Flag tool is available to users to identify data uploaded from non-human-powered or non-conventional bicycle data.  The Flag feature is not designed to be overused or abused. Go here for instructions on how to appropriately use this feature.
Thanks for helping us preserve the spirit, fairness and motivation on Strava by keeping our Segment Leaderboards honest!
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