Strava Premium for iOS apps

What is Strava Premium?

Strava premium service enables additional features in the mobile app and the web site. Examples of premium features include

  • Custom Leaderboards: Level the playing field by filtering leaderboards by your age group or weight class to see where you stack up against your peers.
  • Suffer Score: Quantify your suffering. Strava analyzes your heart rate data to determine exactly how hard you're riding. The longer you go and the more you work, the higher your Suffer Score.
  • Detailed Pace Analysis: Realize your race potential by understanding your pace zones to better align your workouts with your goals.
  • Detailed Power Analysis: Understand your power curve and track your strength improvements.
  • Detailed Heart Rate Analysis: Get the most out of your heart rate monitor.

How much does it cost?

$6 per month, or $59 per year

Web site purchase of Strava Premium

You can purchase Strava premium on the web site using our credit card form. Subscriptions paid for on our web site will automatically renew by default.

In-app purchase of Strava Premium

You can purchase Strava premium inside the app through the settings screen. The purchase process uses Apple's in-app purchase method to bill your credit card on file with Apple.

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