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New Ride Activity Pages

Mat Gordon
posted this on January 21, 2014, 2:30 PM

After a few months of reading your great feedback and tinkering with the experience, we’re ready to launch the new Ride Activity Page.

The old page has been disabled and is no longer available. Read below for where we stand with some of the key issues. This forum has been disabled for comments, but feel free to reach out to us if you notice any issues.  For detailed information about how to use the new pages, see this knowledge base article.


Comparison Feature

We are working furiously to replace the previous comparison feature with a brand new tool that will be significantly more insightful, engaging, and flexible. We will be releasing this new feature in the coming months.  In the meantime, you can preview similar functionality at RaceShape.


Other Improvements & Bug Fixes

Data on Stationary Trainer Activities

We have fixed a bug that was preventing many athletes from seeing heartrate monitor data on the new activity page when they use a stationary trainer.

Age Group & Weight Leaderboards

We now list all age groups and weight classes on the leaderboard.


We have restored the full-screen experience to it’s original, functioning state. 

Viewing Friends on Ride

The display issues with this section have been fixed.

Viewing Your Own Segment Efforts

You can now see dates on each segment effort.


Other Projects In Progress

Who You Rode With

We will vastly improve the experience of grouping your ride with other Strava users. We will soon show these users on the overview page.

Group Activity Experience

You will soon be able to follow along the group activity in map form and see when and where your friends joined you along the way.

New Feature: Fly-Bys

Think you saw your friend going the other direction out on your ride? You will soon be able to see the Strava users you passed along the way. 

Elevation on Analysis Page

We’re currently looking into ways to improve the way you interact with the elevation chart.

Customizing Fields Displayed

We are currently working on a method to give you the ability to hide and show various data fields.


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