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Achievement Awards Glossary

Elle Anderson
posted this on April 23, 2012 09:45 AM

When you upload a ride on Strava, and match segments, you'll aslo get awarded icons for significant performances on the segments if applicable. These icons are called Achievement Awards, and they mark your significant placing and improvement on your segments. Achievements are awarded based on your placings at the time of upload. Since Achievement Awards do not refresh in real time, if you improve your time down the line, or someone overtakes you in the standings, Achievement awards won't automatically update for past rides.


There are a few types of Achievement Awards:


KOM or QOM Crown: If you achieve the fastest time on a segment, you'll receive a special crown, meaning that you are the KOM or QOM of that segment (acronyms stand for King of the Mountain and Queen of the Mountain). This crown is awarded at the time of upload if you are at that time the leader on the segment. Since Achievement Awards do not refresh in real time, even if someone later beats your time, you will still be able to see the gold crown on that activity page.

Your KOM/QOM crowns are stored in a special list on Strava for your reference. "My KOMs" or "My QOMs" is a page stored under "KOMs/CRs" or "QOMs/CRs" accessed from your Profile page. It will keep a current list of all the KOMs or QOMs you currently hold. 

Note: if you tie for a KOM/QOM, you will not be awarded the KOM/QOM crown, and the crown will not be recorded in the "My KOMs/QOMs" list. 

CR Crown: Since "King of the Mountain" is typically known as a cycling term, we award the fastest times on running segments as the "Course Record." Same rules apply as for the KOM/QOM crown. 


Trophy: A trophy is awarded when you place in the top 10 of a segment overall, by gender. Trophies exists for 2nd place to 10th place. There is currently no list that groups all your trophies equivalent to the "My KOMs/QOMs" list, but this is a current Feature Suggestion


Medal: A medal only reflects your own personal performance on a segment, and awards your top 3 personal records. If you clock a new best time for yourself on a segment, you'll receive a gold "PR" medal. Likewise for your second fastest and third fastest times. If your PR gets you a top 10 finish overall on a segment, you'll be awarded a trophy instead as that award is considered more valuable. 


If you believe to be missing an achievement on one of your rides, Strava Support can help. Simply start a new support ticket and include the URL to your activity. 

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