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General Strava Application Use - Android

posted this on February 28, 2012, 1:55 PM


The Strava Android app can be used to record and manage your activities - as well as your Strava profile and settings.

With our 4.0 redesign, we've merged Strava Run and Strava Cycling into a single app.  This app is equipped to deliver a sport-specific experience for both runners and cyclists, so you'll continue to have an experience tailored to your preferences.  Use the information below as a basic guide to interacting with the Strava app on your Android device. 

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The Activity Feed and basic functionality

When you first open your Strava app, you will be taken to your Activity Feed, shown below left (although you have the option to change this to the Record screen from your Settings menu).  The Feed displays currently active friends, your activities and those of the Strava athletes you follow, as well as other members of your clubs (if you've joined any).  To select a specific Club feed, tap Clubs at the top right of your feed, then tap the club near the top of the page to choose.

From here you can view an activity by tapping on its map or an athlete's profile by tapping on their image; you can view Instagram images, and give Comments or Kudos.  You can also Share your own activities to various social media outlets using the Share button.  Tapping the Refresh icon in the Action Bar will prompt the app to make sure it is displaying the most current activities.  The Feed now also displays group activities -  if one of the athletes you follow rides or runs with other Strava users, the activities of any of the other participants who you follow will be displayed as 'child' activities in your Feed - identified by being offset to the right beneath the 'parent' activity.  The Bell icon with a number displayed in the Action Bar will alert you to any active notifications; of comments, kudos, and more - shown below right.  Tapping on a notification will bring you to the relevant activity Discussion page or athlete profile.


           FeedFollowingShare.jpg   club.jpg  FeedNotifications.jpg

There are also two functions shown that are present on every view within the Strava app - the Navigation Tab and the Settings button (provided your Android device does NOT have a dedicated Menu button).  Tapping the Navigation Tab will allow you to navigate to other functions within the Strava app (more on those functions later) as shown below left.  Tapping the Settings button will allow you to visit and modify your app's Settings, or log out of your Strava account; as shown below right.

                                   FeedNavTab.jpg          FeedMenuButton-1.jpg


Viewing Activities

Tapping an activity from your Feed will take you to the full activity view, shown below left. From there you can view the activity's Comments, Kudos, Instagram images and other participants; or you can tap the athlete's picture to jump straight to their Profile page. If it's your activity, tap the Menu button to Edit or Delete it.  Tap the Navigation Tab to go back to the previous screen.

Tapping the map view will display the full screen map shown below center, which will show interactive markers for the activity's segments (similar to the Segment Explorer as described below).  From this page you can Share the activity (if it's yours) or change the map display between Satellite and Terrain views.

                                                     ActivityMain-1.jpg  ActivityMap.jpg

Swipe the main activity screen to the right, or tap the Trophy icon to see a full list of the activity's Segment results and their corresponding achievements, shown below left.  Tapping a segment from this list will bring you to the segment effort page, below center.  From there, you can swipe right or tap the Analysis icon to see detailed instantaneous Segment Effort Analysis, and swipe right again or tap the Chart icon to see the full segment leaderboard.  That leaderboard can be sorted by the overall results or only those of the athletes you're following - and all Premium filters are available as well.

  ActivitySegList.jpg SegmentMain.png SegmentEffortAnalysis.jpg SegmentLeaderboard.jpg

Swipe the main activity screen to the right twice, or tap the Analysis icon to see the Elevation, Speed/Pace and Heart Rate (if available) details and profiles for the activity.

        ActivityElevation.jpg  ActivitySpeed.jpg  ActivityHR.jpg

 Swipe the main activity screen to the right three times or tap the Heart Rate icon to see the activity's Heart Rate Zone Analysis, Suffer Score, and Points in the Red (left), and swipe the main activity screen to the right four times or tap the Training Zone icon to see Power Zone Analysis for Rides, or Pace Zone Analysis for Runs (below center).  If you're viewing a run, you'll be able to toggle between Splits and Segment results at the Results page; and you'll see Pace Zone Analysis (below right) in the place of Power Zone Analysis.

 ActivitySufferScore.jpg  ActivityPowerZones.jpg  asdadsf.jpg  Screenshot_2014-03-07-09-06-11.png


Recording a Ride or Run

Once you have selected Record from the Navigation Tab, you will be brought to the Recording screen, shown below left.  From here, you can create a Manual Activity with the Plus sign in the Action Bar, which will bring you to the Manual Activity page allowing you to set Duration, Distance, Speed, Title, Activity Type, Time, Description, Gear, and Privacy and Sharing options.  You can also change the activity type between Ride and Run, configure your GPS, Real-Time Segments, and Biometric Sensor settings by tapping the Info Bar (below, second from right).  To begin recording, simply tap the large Record icon (the red circle) near the bottom of the screen.  From there, the app will begin recording, the main recording screen will lock - preventing you from accidentally ending your activity, and the timer will begin counting up.   

RecordMain-1.jpg  RecordManualActivity.jpg  RecordSettings-1.jpg  RecordLocked.jpg  

If you have Real-Time Segments enabled, you can swipe left or tap on the Segments button to see your segment results live, and you can also swipe right or tap Splits (if you're recording a run) or Map to see your splits (below left) and progress (below second left) in real time. When at the Map display, you can move the map and zoom in/out as you are used to - and if you're recording a run you'll see mile/kilometer markers along your path.  Tap the bullseye icon to focus back on your position, and tap Stats or drag the handle right to return to the main recording screen.  To pause or finish your recording, simply slide the lock icon across your screen to the right - shown above right.  This will give you the option to return to the locked screen, pause your recording, or finish your recording, as shown below center.  Please note that it is not necessary to pause recording manually while stopped as the Strava servers will automatically calculate moving time after the activity has been uploaded.  Pausing is primarily beneficial for saving battery life if you know you'll be stopped for an extended period.  Once you have pressed the finish button, you'll be taken to the Save Activity screen, shown below right.  From there you can set the activity Title, Activity Type, Description, Gear, and Privacy and Sharing options.  Tap Save Activity to upload to Strava's servers - and be aware that if you tap Discard (and then confirm this choice) - there is no way for Strava to recover the activity.   Your activity will appear on the Feed screen immediately and you’ll be able to view the full activity details after it is done syncing.       

 Screenshot_2014-03-07-08-51-12.png  RecordActiveMap.jpg  RecordRecording.jpg  RecordSave.jpg


My Profile

Selecting My Profile from the Navigation Tab will bring you to an overview of all of your activity on Strava. From there, you can view the athletes you are following and those that are following you, as well as finding new athletes by name or through Facebook.  You can also view a list of your recent activities, or see your Activity Summary for the past four weeks - both for Cycling and for Running.  Tapping the pencil icon on the right side of the Action Bar will allow you to edit your profile to modify your personal information including your profile picture and default activity type; just remember to tap Done in the top-right corner when you finish.  From your profile page, tap the orange Find Athletes button to search for new athletes - you can search for Facebook friends that are already on Strava, search by athlete name, or invite new users to join Strava with their email address.  When you find a new athlete you want to follow, just tap the orange 'Add Follower' icon next to their name or on their profile page.  For more information on finding and inviting friends on mobile, see this article. 

Finally, if at any time you wish to remove someone as one of your followers, simply visit their profile page from your list of Followers by tapping on their name, then tap the Menu button and select Remove From Followers.  To stop following someone, from that user's profile page or your own list of athletes you follow, tap the "following" icon and select Unfollow.

ProfileMain.jpg  and.jpg  ProfileFindAthletes.png  ProfileRemoveFollower.jpg


The Segment Explorer

The segment explorer provides you a way to find new and popular segments to go ride or run - shown below left. You can move and zoom the map display just like in other mapping applications, or use the bullseye icon to focus on your location - and the most popular segments within the displayed view will be highlighted.  Search for segments in a different location by using the magnifying glass icon; switch between Running and Cycling segments - or select to search specifically for categorized climb segments - with the bike or shoe icon.  Switch between the Satellite, Terrain, and Map views using the Layers icon in the Action Bar.  Finally, you can select to view segments as a list instead of on the map by tapping the List icon.

                               Screenshot_2013-10-14-16-08-26.jpg  ExplorerSettings.jpg  Screenshot_2013-10-15-13-20-07.jpg

Tap on a segment from the list, or on a segment marker from the map to view the name of the segment, and tap again on the name of the segment to navigate to that segment page - shown above right.  From here you can view overall information about the segment, analyze your recent efforts, and view the full leaderboard (with all Premium filtering options present) as shown above in the Viewing Activities section.



Selecting the Challenges option from the Navigation Tab will allow you to view information about ongoing and upcoming Challenges, as well as track your progress on those you've already joined.  Tap the orange Join button to join a new Challenge, and once you've done so you can leave a challenge  by tapping the Menu button and selecting Leave Challenge.

Screenshot_2013-10-14-16-08-36.png     ChallengeDetail.png     Screenshot_2013-10-15-13-27-48.jpg


Training Videos

Selecting Training Videos from the Navigation Tab will allow you to view information about and follow along with Training Videos right through the mobile app.

                       Screenshot_2013-10-14-16-08-50.png          Screenshot_2013-10-15-13-33-28.png



Selecting the Routes option from your Profile page (shown below) will allow you to view any Routes that you created or starred. From here you can search through your routes and choose to Use, Star, or Share the route. You can also view a Satellite or Terrain view of your route. 

Screenshot_2015-01-30-12-07-25.png  RouteAndroid.jpg  usestarshare.jpg  layers.jpg

To use your route, select 'Use Route'. Once you start recording, the Strava mobile app will keep you on course. Should you need to head back early, a “Route Back to Start” feature will plot the most efficient path back to the start of your activity. If need be, you can also switch or clear the route. To get to these options, tap the route's name located above the activity map (shown below). 

useroute.jpg  switchclearroute.jpg

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Google Fit Integration

Strava v.4.2.2 is able to integrate with Google Fit as long as you're running OS 4.0 and above.

Strava will send activity time, distance ,and calories to Fit and will receive weight from Fit. These details will be sent to Google Fit only when the data is downloaded from the server. For type/distance/time, this happens just by scrolling through the feed. If you want to get historical Strava activity data into Google Fit, you would need to scroll back through your 'Me' feed in the app. If you want Google Fit to have the calories from a given activity, you’ll need to actually tap into the activity.


You can connect to Google Fit from either the activity save screen, the profile edit screen, or the Settings > Link Other Services Screen. 

83062BD8-43C6-4473-82B5-D99AD7AE7049.png  F3169BBD-628B-454E-9192-43F4FFF07410.png  0659CACD-B7F4-4485-BB69-6ECAF37FC488.png


The Strava Shop

Now you can visit the Strava Shop right from your mobile app to get access to our great Ride and Run Gear.  Tap the sport for the type of gear you're looking for, and you'll be redirected to that portion of the Strava Shop.



Click here for more information on the mobile app.

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