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OLD VERSION - General iPhone and iOS Application Use

posted this on February 10, 2012 02:29 PM

The Strava Cycling and Strava Running iPhone apps can be used to record and manage your activities - as well as your Strava profile and settings.

Use the information below as a basic guide to interacting with the Strava app on your iphone. 

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Recording a Ride or Run

When you first open your Strava app, you will be taken to the Record screen, shown below left. From here, you can create a Manual Activity (below center) with the 'New Page' icon at the top left of the screen, or you can configure your GPS, Real-Time Segments, and Biometric Sensor settings. To begin recording, simply tap the large Record icon (the red circle) near the bottom of the screen.  From there, the app will begin recording, and the timer will begin counting up. If you have Real-Time Segments enabled, you can swipe left or tap on the Segments button to see your segment results live, and you can also swipe right or tap Map to see your progress in real time.  To pause or finish your recording, simply tap the Stop or Finish buttons, shown below right.  Please note that it is not necessary to pause recording manually while stopped as the Strava servers will automatically calculate moving time after the activity has been uploaded.

2013-10-16_12.50.03.jpg  2013-10-16_12.50.34.png  2013-10-16_12.50.54.jpg

 Once you finish your recording with the checkered flag icon, you will be brought to a page (shown below) which will allow you to Discard your activity (Be careful!), name your activity, make the activity private with the lock icon, change the activity type and share to Facebook. Note that clicking to share to Facebook from here also sets it so that all activities recorded on the app are shared to Facebook automatically.  Your activity will appear on the Feed screen immediately and you’ll be able to view the full activity details after it is done syncing.




The Activity Feed

Selecting the Feed option from the Tab Bar at the bottom of your screen will take you to your Activity Feed, shown below left.  The Feed displays currently active friends, the activities of the Strava athletes you follow, as well as other members of your clubs (if you've joined any):

2013-10-16_13.11.39.jpg  photo_1.PNG

From here you can view, share or delete an activity by tapping or long-pressing on it; you can give Comments or Kudos, as well as narrowing your Feed down to only display your activities - or those of a specific club.  Pulling the feed down to refresh will prompt the app to make sure it is displaying the most current activities.  The number displayed at the top right of your screen will alert you to any active notifications; of comments, kudos, and more - shown above right. 


Viewing Activities

Tapping an activity from your Feed will take you to the full activity view, shown below left.  From there you can share your activity using any of the social apps installed on your phone; you can view the activity's Comments, Kudos, or other participants; or you can tap the athlete's picture to jump straight to their Profile page. Tap the Edit button - the pencil icon - to edit the activity and change its name or type, make it private or delete it.  Tapping the map view will display the full screen map shown below right, as well as markers for the activity's segments (similar to the Segment Explorer as described below).  Scroll down or tap the Trophy icon to see a full list of the activity's segment Results and their corresponding achievements.  Once again, tapping these segments will bring you to the segment page as described in the Segment Explorer section of this article.

photo.jpg  2013-10-16_12.52.21.png

The final three views of the activity page will allow you to see the activity's Elevation, Speed, and Heart Rate profiles, maximums, and averages (below left); the Heart Rate Zone Analysis and Suffer Score (below center); and Power Zone Analysis for Rides, or Pace Zone Analysis for Runs (below right).

2013-10-16_12.52.39.jpg  2013-10-16_12.53.03.png  2013-10-16_12.53.06.png




Selecting the Challenges option from the Tab Bar will allow you to view information about ongoing and upcoming Challenges, as well as track your progress on those you've already joined.


2013-10-16_12.53.56.png  2013-10-16_12.54.48.png



My Profile

Selecting My Profile from the Tab Bar will bring you to an overview of all of your activity on Strava.  From there, you can view the athletes you are following and those that are following you, as well as finding new athletes by name or through Facebook.  You can also view a list of your recent activities, or see your Activity Summary for the past four weeks - both for Cycling and for Running. Tapping the pencil icon on the right side of the page will allow you to edit your profile to modify your personal information (including your profile picture); just remember to tap Save in the top-right corner when you finish.




Even More...

Selecting 'More' from the Tab Bar will bring you to the remaining functions and features within the Strava app, such as the Segment Explorer (see below for more information), Training Videos, your Settings, Help and Support information, and our Shop.




The Segment Explorer

The segment explorer provides you a way to find new and popular segments to go ride or run - shown below left. You can move and zoom the map display just like in other mapping applications, and the most popular segments within the displayed view will be highlighted.  Switch between Running and Cycling segments - or select to search specifically for categorized climb segments - with the Filter button shown below center.  

2013-10-16_12.55.51.jpg  2013-10-16_12.56.03.png  2013-10-16_12.53.29.jpg

Tap on a segment marker to view the name of the segment, and tap again on the name of the segment to navigate to that segment page - shown above right.  From here you can view overall information about the segment, analyze your recent efforts, and view the full leaderboard (with all Premium filtering options present). For the most detailed view of a segment effort, tap the Analyze Effort button to see a 'zoomed in' view of a specific segment effort, as well as, if available, comparison between your PR on a segment and the segment effort you are focused on (below).


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