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OLD VERSION - Troubleshooting Android Uploads

posted this on February 10, 2012 01:58 PM

Having trouble Syncing or Uploading your activity to Strava? See the below information for some helpful steps.


Sometimes all you have to do is wait and try again later - or try connecting via WiFi instead of your Cellular network (or vice versa). Now if that doesn’t work, the next step is to try signing out and back in to the Strava app - or restarting your phone.  If you're still having trouble, your phone may tell you that you have Unsync'd Activities at your Feed (below left).

Screenshot_2013-10-18-10-57-27.png          Screenshot_2013-10-18-10-57-59.png

Tap that entry to see information about the pending uploads - as well as give you a few options as shown above right.  From here you can tap the Sync button to prompt your phone to try again; you can Delete the failing upload, or you can try Exporting the activity as a .GPX file to your phone's internal storage.  If that export is successful, the file will be saved to /Strava/gpx/Activity_title.GPX.  From there, you can either browse your phone's internal storage to email that file to (from the email address associated with your Strava account), or you can send it to your computer to upload from the Strava website.


Generating Device Log Files

If all that still fails, the easiest way to help us figure out what is going on is to generate and send log files to support. Follow the procedure on Emailing Logs to Support, but for step #4 go to Strava App->Feed->Menu->Refresh. Give it a little time after hitting refresh and seeing any error messages before stopping Logcat. 

Email support with as much information as possible about your device and the exact experience you're having.

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