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Flagging a Segment as Hazardous

posted this on February 07, 2012 01:37 PM

Strava provides its users a way to keep the community safe. Riding or running conditions can be hazardous, and routes and segments can have dangerous aspects. For example, a steep winding descent on a bike can be hazardous, especially if you are trying to best your time. Other hazardous features can include road construction, stop lights, dangerous intersections, school zones, bridge crossings, and pedestrian-only trails, among others. 

We created the Hazardous Flag so that when implemented by a user, it remove all competitive aspects of the Segment, namely the Segment Leaderboard and rankings.

To flag a segment as hazardous, navigate to the segment page. Just below the segment map, click “Actions”, then click “Flag”. Supply a reason in the description text box, and then click “Flag.” The leaderboard for the segment and all posted times will immediately disappear.

As a requirement, a user will have to match the segment on a prior activity in order for the Hazard Flag option to be visible. This requirement is in place to ensure the flagger has personally experienced or assessed the hazards that may be present. 


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