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Supported GPS Devices

posted this on February 2, 2012, 4:45 PM

Strava is compatible with several popular GPS devices and this list is growing all the time.


What does it mean to be compatible with Strava?

If your device can export or record your activities in GPX, TCX, or FIT format, and these files contain actual workout data, your device is compatible with Strava. 

Some devices have an easier process uploading to Strava than others. For example, some devices use an automatic upload flow from their software, some require a third party, and for some you must export the files manually and upload them to Strava. For more information on how these compatible devices upload to Strava, please see our Knowledge Base article on the topic. 


Compatible Devices

  • Fitbit (Fitbit Surge)
  • Garmin 
  • Microsoft Band
  • Soleus
  • Suunto 
  • Timex (Run Trainer 2.0)
  • TomTom
  • iPhone (iOS 7.0 and above: 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6+) 
  • Android (Most Android phones 4.0 and above*) 

*Due to GPS issues with some Android phones, Strava is not compatible with the following devices:

  • HTC Hero
  • HTC Hero S
  • Nexus One

For more details about issues with specific devices running the Strava Android app, see this article. 

What if my device is not on the compatible list?

If your device is not listed above, it's likely that it does not record or export in one of our supported file formats. Fear not! It's possible that you may be able to convert these files using 3rd party software. Please search our Knowledge Base for your device to find useful tips that other Athletes are sharing about these devices. 


Updated: May 14th, 2015

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