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What are the dots following me on the elevation graph?

posted this on September 06, 2011 08:23 AM

If you are using the elevation chart below "Elevation," then it is your progress both on the map, and on the elevation profile which are linked.  If you are using the elevation profile under "Comparison", then we call them "rabbits", and they will show your progress up a climb and compare your climb to others.

At least one and at most three rabbits will appear on both the elevation graph and map. You'll always see a rabbit for the current effort your viewing. If this effort is not the KOM effort than you'll see a rabbit for the KOM effort. If you are viewing a climb that you have ridden and the effort you are viewing is not the KOM effort nor your PR, then you'll see a rabbit for your PR effort.

Rabbits are positioned relative to the time of current effort rabbit. If the current effort rabbit is X seconds into the ride, then the other rabbits will be position at the distance along the elevation profile (distance DR) where they were at X seconds. A time difference displayed in the legend is difference in time between X and the time at which the current effort reached distance DR.

All displayed rabbits will also be shown on the map at their corresponding distances along the route.

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